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General Directorate of governmental Properties


General Directorate of Governmental Property was established in 2005 with the formation of a primary (21) Personnel according to the Decree No. 2886 dated 11.8.1384 of the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan within the formation of Ministry of Finance. First of all, the responsibility of this Directorate was registering the Ministry of Finance’s property, and dissolving and filtering the Agricultural, Industrial, Mine and construction Banks. In 2008, with the joining of the Kabul Income Department, formation of personnel increased to 45, in 2009, Directorate of governmental property promoted to General Directorate of governmental property, consisting of Departments of Care and exploitation of central property, and department of Registration and purification, and it’s formation increased to 80 Personnel. At the end of 2009 with issuing approved document No. 39 of 21.10.1388 and 38 of the Council of Ministers and the instruction of Property it is responsible for Registration of All Immovable Property of government inside and outside the country, protection, care and exploitation of surplus property of ministries and government agencies which are operating in the business sector. currently, it includes the Department of Care and exploitation, the registration and purification of provincial property, and the legal and technical advisers under the authority of the General Directorate of governmental properties.


– Establishing a property unit with reputation in the country, based on the statistics and accurate indicators of government assets.

– Collecting accurate property statistic data in order to properly use it in development plans, economic development plans in the country.

– The arrangement of documents of those government properties that not exist or have been destroyed during the Civil War.

– Resolving property conflicts between government departments or between government departments and people.

– Establishment of property branches in the provincial authorities to register, use governmental properties in the provinces in accordance with the procedure.

– Deliver, registration, and rent of all immovable property owned by the ministries and independent institutions.

– Registration and renting of immovable governmental property, which is in the development plans of the ministries and independent government agencies, in the presence of its official representative.

-Registration and leasing of all immovable governmental property located outside the country, in cooperation with the relevant departments.

– Identify and exclude those immovable governmental properties, which are under the authority of non-governmental organizations without any legal privilege.

– Protect and reasonable use of government immovable property, government-owned property.

– Permanent supervision over the use and maintenance of immovable property in accordance with the law.

– Supervision of all immovable property owned by the government, which is included in the development plan of the departments, and is rented or leased to individual persons or non-governmental organizations.

– Rents to rebuild those government buildings that were destroyed during the civil wars and are now unusable, through the use of government facilities or protocols with companies or individual individuals in accordance with the law.

– Purchase, possession and registration of property, which the head of state will be guided by the urgent need to buy them..



General Directorate of Governmental Properties
Ministry of Finance, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Cinema Pamir, Kabul Afghanistan

+93 202102198, +93202103156

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